Residential  Computer Repair & Installation  Services

In addition to our Business IT services, we offer affordable on-site home PC repair, sales and upgrades services by our professional,  reliable and courteous  technicians.

Call us first to talk to  a knowledgeable service technician who will determine and advise you as to what the repair will most likely entail and cost. Then you can schedule an appointment for us to either stop by and pick up your PC (FREE travel fee on local service calls), or repair your PC right in your home while you wait. Or if needed, by appointment you can also drop your PC off at our office.

We highly suggest our on-site repair service for five reasons:

  1. It saves you time: In most cases,  you don’t have to wait for the repair to be completed over a number of days.
  2.  It saves your back (and your frustration): You don’t have to un-plug everything, haul it to the car and back, and then plug everything in again (and hope that it works). Also, if you have printer or other peripheral issues, you don’t have to bring us all of your other computer equipment in addition to your PC so that we can test everything out together.
  3. If you have internet issues, the problem may need to be solved while your PC is connected to your internet service provider.
  4. You get to see our progress and ask questions as we work on your equipment. Any unforeseen changes to the repair estimate can be discussed at that time, and can help expedite the total repair down time.
  5. It saves you money: Our low onsite service rates are the same as our shop-repair rates. And a small travel fee is only charged if your residence is very far from us.

So, yes, you can drop off your PC to an unknown computer repair business and hope that it comes back in the shape that you want it. Or you can sit right beside us as we repair your PC, be educated at the same time, and feel secure in the fact that you will end up with a quality repair job done for a fair price. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

So give us a call at 360-779-5000  or email us to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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